VisionBot - самодельный установщик SMD-компонентов

Технические параметры:

Precision for X Axis – 25 µm, Precision for Y Axis 12,5 µm
Working Area: 200 x 250 mm
Automated feeders 24 – 16x8mm, 4x12mm, 4x16mm

Tray Component – more than 50-80 components from SOIC8 to TQFP128
3 Nozzles – 0.30mm, 1mm, 2,5 mm with – Run Time/Automatic Nozzle Changer
Vacuum control based on Microcontroller and the desktop software controls the vacuum.
Vacuum Pump 220V –  VH115N – 1/5 HP life time 10.000 hour
For: Europe FREE Vacuum tank 20 litters inox – limited numbers
Motors X,Y,Z 1.8 degree/Step: NEMA17 for R Axis NEMA8
for feeders NEMA11 0.8A – 24PCS
X, Y, Z mgn12 liniar rails low-cost from CHINA

2X Advanced Computer Vision (Top with Digital Microscope, and Bottom with HD Camera that includes zoom and auto-focus),

Auto self test, On Fly Computer Vision for Top Digital Microscopes, Python Scripting, Power Self-Test
X,Y,Z Standard drivers for CNC machines 1/16 – TOSHIBA TB6560
For 24X automated Feeders – 24x Standard drivers for 3D printers DRV8825
The electronics from the machine is complete optical separated.
2x DC-DC converter with Voltmeter
Clippard Vacuum Valve
USB hub
Full schematic – MORE 50 LED FOR EASY SERVICE
Full step algorithm for setting

Can be upgraded manually with another identitical feeder system – extra.

New VisionBot automatic Pick and Place machine

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Ручная Pick & Place установка
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Простой ЧПУ под управлением Arduino
Arduino-механизм для нарезки пенки
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Укладчик футболок на базе Arduino-робота
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